Wildflowers of Maine

Maine Quilt Shop Hop Fabrics
Second Printing

The first printing of Wildflowers of Maine, the exclusive fabrics custom-designed for the 2019 Maine Quilt Shop Hop, was instantly and wildly popular.

Available only at the 30 Shop Hop shops and nowhere else, these beautiful digitally-printed fabrics flew off the shelves. While Chicory and Solomon’s Seal remain available in our shop and online, we are sold out of the others.

Did you miss out? We have good news for you. The Maine Quilt Shop Hop has announced a second printing for all ten Wildflowers of Maine fabrics.

Coming in July

The second printing is scheduled to ship in July, 2019. You can order all Wildflowers of Maine fabrics from Dark Star Fabrics now. We will ship your choices to you, or you can pick them up in our shop, as soon as we receive them.

There’s more good news. Dark Star Fabrics is offering you all Wildflowers of Maine fabrics at the same low prices we charged the first time around.

See the complete Wildflowers of Maine Collection below.

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The Wildflowers of Maine Collection