Long Arm Quilting Services

Offered by Rachelle Knight

Rachelle Knight Long Arm Quilting

Professional Quilting with a Unique Touch

All of my long arm quilting patterns are free-hand and improvised. I do not use a computerized all-over approach nor do I use a pantograph. Individual pieces will always vary. No two will ever be exactly alike (no matter how hard I try).


If you do not have any specific theme or block idea in mind, I will happily improvise for you. I like to do feathers, spirals, stars, flowers and open stippling, but I can try to somewhat replicate an example if there is a particular design you want.


Would you like to look at examples of my long arm quilting? See quilting samples on Pinterest.


I will charge you 1.5¢ per square inch plus a dollar or two for thread. For example, your price (before thread) would be $72 for a 60″ x 80″ queen-size quilt. The minimum price is $20 per project. The State of Maine charges sales tax on quilting services performed in Maine.


I cannot handle a quilt larger than 100″ x 100″. Your quilt must have one direction no longer than 100 inches. I do not mind working on small projects, although they do need to be at least 20″ x 20″.


I use King Tut 100% cotton top thread and Bottom Line bobbin thread. I do not charge extra for variegated thread. Bobbin thread is chosen to match the top thread and may contrast with your backing.

Batting and Backing

Dark Star Fabrics sells 90″ 100% cotton batting and 108″ backing fabrics, or you can provide your own. I will work with pieced batting and pieced backings. If you have a backing with piecework please mark the top/bottom and left/right sides. Please measure batting and backing to include at least 2″+ extra on each edge for a small quilt or 4″ – 6″ extra on each edge for a large quilt.

Trimming, Binding, Squaring Up

Dark Star Fabrics does not offer these services. If you need a large table for trimming or squaring up a finished project, we are happy to let you use our classroom space and large cutting mat during regular hours at no charge.


Because my timeline depends on how long my current list is, I will give you an estimate of how long your quilt will take when you deliver it to me. If I have an unavoidable delay and cannot finish your quilt in the estimated time, I will be sure to let you know. Please tell me at the start if you need your quilt finished by a particular date.

Getting Started

You can bring your quilt to Dark Star Fabrics whenever we are open. If you prefer, you can make arrangements to send your quilt to me.

Find Out More

For more information about my long arm quilting services, or for a custom estimate, please contact Dark Star Fabrics.