About Authentic Aboriginal Fabrics

Summertime Rainforest Blue, Authentic Aboriginal Fabric
Bambillah, Authentic Aboriginal Fabric
Brolga Dreaming Red, Authentic Aboriginal Fabric

You can buy authentic Aboriginal fabrics at the Dark Star Fabrics online store. We ship promptly to anywhere in the United States. Free shipping starts at $35.

Imported directly from M&S Textiles Australia, these bold statement fabrics, printed on excellent quality 100% cotton, are among the most admired fabrics in our shop.

Use these designs with select blenders to create dynamic quilting and sewing projects. To see them on display, visit our shop in Phillips, Maine, or go to Buy Authentic Aboriginal Fabrics at our online store.

Need help choosing or ordering? Please send us a message or give us a call at (207) 639-1026.

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